Losing heat from your home is a headache for most people; after all it doesn’t only mean that you feel the chill more, but also that you may be faced with higher energy bills too.
So what can you do to help?

There are a variety of things you can do to minimise the amount of heat lost through your windows, however, one of the most effective has to be installing double glazing throughout your home.

But how does double glazing reduce heat loss?

What Is Double Glazing?

Whilst many of us know the term double glazing, you might not completely understand what it means. Double glazing is simply a double pane of glass placed into a window frame.

Thanks to the use of a spacer bar between the panes, there is a minimal amount of space (sometimes only millimetres), which is not only energy efficient, but also can block out noise too.

How Does Double Glazing Reduce Heat Loss?

If you looked at a thermal image of a house you would see that heat gathers around a variety of places in the property, including the roof, the walls and the main culprit; the windows.

To reduce the loss of heat through the windows, double glazing is always recommended. The gap between the two panes of glass trap air; this air filled gap then becomes a barrier to the heat loss thanks to the air being a poor conductor of heat. This means that the heat cannot travel through the gap and be released outside.

How Much Can Double Glazing Save You?

We now know that double glazing can reduce heat loss through the windows of your home, but what does this actually mean for the average home owner?

It is thought that by installing energy efficient windows into your home, you could save as much as £8,211 in a typical detached house over a 20 year period.

Is Double Glazing Expensive?

Whilst there is an initial cost associated to double glazing, it may surprise you to know just how little it can cost. When deciding whether or not to opt for double glazing you should balance this cost with the on-going savings that you will see from lower energy bills.

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