Double Glazed Glass Units In Surrey

Double Glazed Glass Units

Misting Or Condensation In Your Glazed Glass Units?

Misting or condensation between your double glazed glass panel which worsens in the sunlight or damp weather? It’s likely the seal to your sealed glass unit has broken down which means it needs replacing.

When this happens the tiny silicone dessicant beads hidden within the spacer bar designed to absorb any residual moisture have stopped working and cannot be replaced. In addition, the unit is letting in moisture, so somewhere the seal is broken.

But this is a simple and easy fix, and does not affect the frames of your window whether they be PVCu, Aluminium or Timber. Just replace the glass unit! It is cost-effective and quick with little disruption – if you get them professionally changed.


Cracked Or Chipped Glass In Your Double Glazed Glass Units?

Have you seen a crack or chip in your double glazed glass units? Or worse, has the unit been deliberately broken? We can respond to a broken sealed glass unit with professionalism and promptness with a fast turnaround of 2 days if needed. We also offer a boarding service should the glazing compromise security.


Need Thermally Efficient Glass For Your Windows?

Or are your PVCu or Aluminium frames in good condition, yet you installed them before the availability of thermally efficient glass was on offer? Would you like to upgrade cost-effectively, to a higher A rated sealed glass unit?


Our Sealed Glass Units Are The Answer

We can offer a hassle-free change-over of glass to the latest thermally efficient double or even triple glazed sealed unit. Our sealed glass units are made up of two 4mm pieces of energy efficient glass, sealed together using a thermal Super Spacer bar then Argon Gas filled. Your unit size can either be 28mm to create a double glazed unit, or a triple glazed unit at 36mm or even 44mm.

It is possible to upgrade your windows to take a triple glazed unit but give us a call first and we can survey your existing frames to seek a solution.


Save Up To £175 Each Year With Cosyhomes Windows

Did you know it’s possible to cut energy bills and help the environment too by upgrading your windows, or glass alone. All homes lose energy through their windows but by changing your glass over to energy efficient glass could save you up to £175 per year (Energy Savings Trust).

As with all our services, we offer a complete price for our products and expertise, with no hidden costs. Full survey, templating, correct glass specification, delivery and installation is included in the price we give you.