Chessington 2

Doesn’t this porch look stunning and add an exquisite beauty to this already pristine house? We returned to this family in Chessington after being given the go ahead on a brick-built porch. Everything – from brickwork to render, fascias to the tiled roof – was carried out by Cosyhomes. We even took off the existing front door we had previously installed and moved it forward to become the new porch door. Our team meticulously matched in the transom drop of the top fan-lights to run through with those of the bay so that all were at the same height, and we commissioned our glass company to produce more of the same beveled lead designs we replaced before.

Needless to say the customer was over the moon and we have received many comments on the detail, design and perfection of the job we carried out. Cosyhomes can carry out all manner of building work on our installations and we are renowned for our bespoke porch designs across the Surrey area. Why not take a look at our porch gallery, and give us a call for a quote for your next project.