Chessington 3

Back again at a popular road in Chessington where we have recently installed windows and doors at 5 properties – there must be something in the water or needless to say, they were impressed with the workmanship from the Cosyhomes team.

The customer wanted to keep the traditional look of the property and considering it was the original windows that were coming out, we didn’t blame them! Many properties have taken away the horizontal Georgian bars but it’s great we were able to recreate the look in modern PVCu. And what a difference the installation has made. The timber was rotten, beyond repair and the windows were drafty.

To add to the look, the customer went for dummy vents to give equal sightlines – this means all the glass at the top and then for the bottom, matched in terms of size. Although it can add a little cost, it does give a real smart finish and works especially well when adding lead work or indeed Georgian bars to the glass. We always suggest that a cost effective way of having dummy vents when considering a whole-house installation is to just have them at the front. The front of the property is the first impression and most people tend not to look up at the rear of their properties. Why not give us a call for a quote for your windows? I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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