Johnsons Shoes, Farnham

We were approached by Johnsons Shoes in Farnham to help them improve the windows in their grade listed property, behind their shop. As the property was listed, this meant that it wasn’t possible to change the windows and hence they were looking for advice on a suitable solution. We recommended them to have secondary glazing installed, as it is a perfect option for buildings with strict limitations.

Secondary glazing gives you all the perks of double glazing without compromising the character or guidelines as set out by the protection placed on the property. They can come in a variety of colours, all with an aluminium frame, which is less imposing through the use of a thinner profile. Cosyhomes Windows can also offer a wide choice of combinations, such as fixed position, sliding and side opening.

To find out more about secondary glazing, take a read of our post: what is secondary glazing.

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