We all know that it is important to make sure that your windows are properly insulated in order to reduce energy wastage and ensure that the heat in your property stays in your property. One of the most common ways to make sure that your windows are letting out the minimal amount of heat is double-glazing.

However, this isn’t always suitable for every property. In these circumstances, it may be better to opt for secondary glazing.

What Is Secondary Glazing?

Secondary glazing involves adding supplementary glazing on the inside of a single-glazed window. Whilst it is usually a temporary measure, for listed buildings and conservation areas, it is a permanent fix for any windows that are not performing as they should.

The Benefits Of Secondary Glazing

The biggest plus point of installing secondary glazing in your home is of course to reduce the amount of heat that is lost through your windows. However, there are other benefits to having it put in place too.


Have you found that you hear too much noise from the outside world? If you do, then maybe secondary glazing is going to be a great option for you. Secondary glazing will reduce any outside noise from coming through your windows much more effectively than single glazed windows.

Save you money on energy bills

We do need to touch on this particular benefit to secondary glazing since it is such a large one. It is believed that secondary glazing can reduce the amount of heat lost through windows as much as 50%. This means that you will end up using less energy, and therefore save money on your energy bills.

Stop those draughts

Feeling the chill in your home? This could be due to a breeze that is flowing through the rooms. The main reason for this is that windows are ineffectively sealed, meaning that they do not close properly. Some people try to fit draught proofing kits to those windows, but the best idea is to install secondary glazing which can really have a big impact.

Contact The Experts

Here at Cosyhomes Windows we are experts in making sure that your home is warm and cosy. Not only will you create an inviting atmosphere for your home, but you can also reduce the amount of noise from outside and reduce the amount of money that you have to spend out on energy bills each and every year. So if you are still wondering ‘what is secondary glazing?’, then contact us today and we will be able to advise you further.

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