Argon Gas – Q & A


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Argon Gas

Argon gas makes up less than 1 per cent of the earth’s atmosphere.

That might seem like a little, but it’s actually quite a lot. And there’s plenty to spare for your windows! This non-toxic odourless gas transforms your regular glazed windows into something a little more efficient.

Argon Gas filled windows feature a double or triple glazed unit that is filled with gas between the panes of glass to increase energy efficiency and soundproofing.

Argon Gas increases the windows ability to insulate by reducing the heat transfer. Argon Gas does not conduct heat as readily as air, so it helps keep heat in during the winter and out in the summer at the same time as an advantage in decibel reduction.

Argon Gas Windows & Heat Conduction Properties

Argon is a less conductive gas than the ones present in regular air. The panes between the windows are filled with argon gas. This layer of gas acts as a thermal blanket, reducing the heat transfer between the inner and outer window pane.

This makes heat loss from the inside of your home is lower during the winter, and heat gain from the outside is also lower during the summer. It’s an all-climate solution, that works great during every season of the year.


No, Argon Gas is clear, colourless and odourless. Even if installed side by side, you cannot see the difference between a window filled with gas and one without.


Numerous studies show that gas typically leaks out at less than 1% per year. Over twenty years the window still has at least 80% of the gas still trapped inside it.


An emphatic NO! Argon Gas exists naturally in the air you breathe – it is both non-toxic and inert.


Argon does not block any portion of the suns light. House plants will not be affected.


Argon Gas

No. Filling the glass sealed unit with Argon Gas alone will not give you an A-energy rated window. Whilst it will improve the thermal efficiency of the window, other measures need to be taken.

Sealed units used to have aluminium spacer bars separating the two panes of glass – these were conductors of heat and cold. Now spacer bars are made of an insulating plastic composite material that becomes a barrier to heat loss. We use the Warm Edge Spacer which does exactly as it ‘says on the tin’ – keeping the edge of the sealed unit warm. At the same time, the window frame needs to be manufactured in a way that meets a standard of thermal efficiency as well as be certified with a Window Energy Rating (WER) to confirm the whole window in its entirety has been correctly produced.


Whilst energy savings are important, the real “comfort” benefit of gas filling the sealed unit is the increase in the inner glazing temperature. Raising the inner glass temperature acclimatises or substantially reduces condensation on the glass. A “warmer” surface is also more comfortable to be near.

There is also a soundproofing element.


Unfortunately not! Gas-filled windows are manufactured using specialised equipment and not all manufacturers have these facilities. So when buying new windows make sure your supplier can offer the benefits of Argon Gas for that extra insulation.

Additional Benefits Of Argon In Windows

Normal air contains moisture that causes cloudiness and condensation on window panes. As one of the more affordable non-toxic gases, it comes with a variety of additional benefits.

  • It improves the thermal performance of your windows
  • Lower possibility of condensation, frost and the build-up of moisture
  • Pairs well with low-E coatings
  • It is inexpensive, odourless and non-toxic
  • Assists with room insulation
  • Works well under all climatic conditions
  • Fits in well with most window designs
  • It is a non-corrosive substance that is safe for both, your windows and the environment
  • Can help to soundproof your home

Argon vs Krypton Gas For Your Windows

While argon gas is the more popular choice for windows, krypton is another alternative that is sometimes used. How do you determine which one is right for you?

Krypton gas is a relatively denser gas. It also tends to be more expensive, and harder to obtain. Generally, argon is the preferred option because it is more easily available, gives reliable results, and is also extremely affordable in comparison.

While krypton gas is also odourless and non-toxic, you get better value for your money with argon. If you’ve got double-paned windows, with a wider space, argon gas is definitely your best option.

How Long Does Argon Gas Last In Your Windows?

Argon gas windows that are installed correctly, can last you more than twenty years. Of course, over time it is natural for very small amounts of gas to leak, but this will not affect the efficiency of the windows during that time.

If you notice condensation or moisture on your window panes, it’s probably a good indicator of a gas leak or similar problem. If you feel like your windows are no longer functioning like they used to, you should get in touch with a window repair service to investigate the issue.

Need a professional to look at your windows? Give us a call or fill out our simple form and we’ll get back to as soon as we can!

How To Save Electricity This Winter


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How To Save Electricity
Categories :Energy Efficiency

We all know and expect that as winter approaches, our electricity bills start creeping upwards because of all the extra things we need such as heat, and because it gets darker earlier, we all have our lights on longer. However, sometimes it can get to the point where you are paying such a high amount that it becomes unaffordable. So, in this article, let’s look at how to save electricity this winter.

Doors & Weather Stripping

The first thing that you should consider is keeping all of your doors closed. This might sound obvious, but if you leave the doors open, all the warm air in the room will leave and be spread around the house. This will make everything colder, and you will feel the need to turn the heating on.

If you have gaps under your door, you need to find a way to fill them while you are in a room. So, what you can do is put a blanket on your side of the door to keep the warm air in. If you are going to leave a room and you want to keep it warm, consider putting this on the outside so that when you go back in, the room will still be the way you left it.

When it comes to your front and back doors, it is worth running your hand around the edges to feel if any cold air is coming in from outside of your property. If so, then you may want to consider fitting weather stripping. See our guide on how to install weather stripping for more information.

Thermal Curtains

It is going to be important that you have good quality thick curtains throughout the winter months. Even if you have double or triple glazing, it is not going to do you any harm to make sure that you have thermal curtains.

These will keep the heat in the room and stop any cold coming in through the windows. If you already have thin curtains, then you will immediately notice a difference by upgrading to thermal curtains.

The result of upgrading means that you won’t have to have your heating on as often, or as high, helping to keep your electric costs down.

Energy-Saving Light Bulbs

The most obvious thing that you can do to save on your energy bills this winter is to buy energy-saving light bulbs. You can get these at most home and hardware stores, so they are not hard to find.

Some energy-saving light bulbs can be more expensive than a standard bulb. However, if you switch the majority of your light bulbs, you will notice a rather significant difference on your next electricity bill which will make the initial extra spend worth it.

They don’t provide any less light than the standard bulbs, but they do use less energy to power them. They are also well known for having a much longer life than standard bulbs, so you will see the savings year on year.


Candles have long been used to provide light before there was electricity. Other than the cost of buying the candles, which is not a lot, and getting a lighter or some matches, it doesn’t cost anything to use candles instead of your main lights.

Using candles is not just a great way to save energy this winter, but it is also very calming and makes your home feel cosy. If you buy scented candles, then your whole house will have a delightful smell when they are lit too.

Further Advice

We hope that you have found this advice useful and will consider using some of these energy saving ideas this winter. You may also find these article of interest, which gives other hints and tips on how to reduce your energy bills:

What Is Energy Efficiency?


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What Is Energy Efficiency?
Categories :Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is something that we hear plenty about, particularly working in the window industry. However, whilst we understand what this means and the importance of energy efficiency in our homes. Not everyone else does.

With this in mind, we have put together a guide on what is energy efficiency and why it is something that you should be thinking more about in your home.

What Is Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency is a term that covers any type of energy saving measures that you can take in your home and in your everyday life. Some people decide to tackle their own energy efficiency by turning down their thermostat in their home, using ways to keep in the warm air, and also looking at walking or cycling to work rather than driving.

Energy efficiency can have an associated cost upfront, but it in the long term the savings that you can make really make sure that you should see it as an investment.

Why Should You Think More About It?

  1. There are a variety of reasons that you should be considering taking a more energy efficient approach to your life. The most obvious reason, and one that we have already mentioned are because it saves you money. You may be surprised by just how much money energy efficient measures can save you.
  2. Not only the above, but energy efficiency can also have a huge impact on the world around you. We all have a part to play in making sure that we protect the environment and look after the world that we live in. Being more energy efficient is one of the first things that we should think about.
  3. Finally, there is something to be said about how energy efficiency makes you feel. Knowing that you are doing something to help the world around you, as well as saving yourself some cash too, is going to be a great feeling.

Contact The Experts

Here at Cosyhomes Windows we are dedicated to helping our customers to have energy efficient homes that will really work for them. This is why we offer our amazing double or triple glazing, which helps to keep the warm air in your home and in turn your home warm too.

So, why not give energy efficiency a go? You might be surprised by just how much money it can save you in the long run, as well as how awesome it can make you feel.

How To Save Energy At Home – Our Top Tips


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How To Save Energy At Home
Categories :Energy Efficiency

Money, and how to save it, is one thing that all of us think about. Whether it is getting a great deal on insurance, finding that bargain in a shop or perhaps looking at ways you can reduce your outgoings from your home.

Saving energy and the costs related to it has definitely cropped up on many people’s radars of late. The benefits to looking at your energy usage at home is two-fold. Not only do you feel great about doing your bit to help the environment but you also get to keep some of the cash too!

We have put together this helpful guide on how to save energy at home; some of the tips are so easy to put in place that you could be saving money in no time at all!

Lights & Water

The lights around your home can be a drain on electric, so make sure they are only on when you need them to be. You can also replace your halogen light bulbs with LED ones that use less energy but are still bright, meaning that they are the perfect alternative to older style lightbulbs.

Water is another popular form of energy that is wasted in the home. In the kitchen you should try to wash up in a bowl rather than filling up the whole sink. You should also only ever fill the kettle with the water you need rather than filling to the maximum.

Showers can also use more water than they need to. Especially if they take water directly from the boiler or hot water tank. By investing in a water efficient showerhead you can save not only on your water usage but also the gas bill that heats up the water.

Energy-Efficient Doors & Draught Proofing

Like any other part of the home, doors can be insulated and draught-proofed to prevent heat from escaping. According to the Energy Saving Trust, just draught-proofing your doors alone can save about £25 a year on heating bills. When it comes to new front doors, they now generally contain integrated insulation to help reduce heat loss. But, if you have an older front door, it could be worth fitting draught-proofing strips around the seals and letterbox.

Have Better Control Over Your Heating

You may not realise it but half of the money spent on energy bills is for the hot water and heating in the home. The thermostat is the main way that you can control how much energy you use and by turning it down, even by just a fraction, you will see an improvement in your usage and costs.

Always make sure that the heating is only on when you need it to be; either by setting the timer or by purchasing smart heating controls which you can use to turn on (or off) your heating when you are not even there.

Energy-Efficient Double Glazing

Double glazed windows have two sheets of glass with a gap in between, usually about 16mm, to create an insulating barrier that keeps heat in, which is sometimes filled with gas. However, it is important to remember that every window has a different rating when it comes to how energy-efficient it is.

Energy-efficient windows come in a range of frame materials and styles. Performance criteria vary according to the following:

  • How quickly heat escapes through the window.
  • How much sunlight travels through the glass.
  • How much air can escape or come in around the window frame.

Fitting draught proofing to the doors and windows will save the typical household between £25 and £35 a year. To find out more about the energy ratings of windows, visit: BFRC Energy Rating.

Contact Us For Assistance

Here at Cosyhomes Windows, we can advise you on all forms of energy saving in the home, especially when it comes to choosing windows and doors, as well as draught proofing. Our professional installation team will not just tell you how to save energy at home, but can help you choose the right product to reduce your carbon footprint and fit them to the highest of standards.

Hopefully this guide has helped you with some of the basics when trying to reduce the energy usage in your home. For more information, call our team today on 020 8397 4040.

Heat Your Home For Free This Winter


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Heat Your Home For Free
Categories :Energy Efficiency

Here at Cosyhomes Windows we know how important quality windows can be when keeping your home toasty and warm. However, do you know that there are other ways that you can heat your home for free to avoid spending the Earth on heating bills?

Heat your home for free

During 2013 the government looked at the UK’s energy consumption and tasked energy firms to not only reduce the rate but also help those who are at risk of fuel poverty. This scheme was entitled the ECO (energy company obligation) and has had a great impact since introduction.

In fact, it is thought that 1.5m measures have been installed in homes around the UK in order to reduce the energy used. However, there are still those people who are on low-incomes or live in older properties who may not realise that they are entitled to this support.

So if you receive benefits such as child tax and pension credit then there may be a scheme that can help you as the colder winter weather creeps in.

Not sure of where this support is? One of the first places to visit is the Energy Saving’s Trust who provide you with impartial information on how you can access the support that you need.

Before you visit them however, we have put together a quick guide to some of the hot tips when it comes to wanting to heat your home for free.

Cavity wall and loft insulation

Most homes in the UK will have had insulation put in their walls and loft spaces at some point. However what many home owners do not know is that older style insulation and ones that fall beneath the 27cm recommended level could mean that you are eligible for a free upgrade.

Insulation is known to reduce energy bills and is incredibly easy to source and have installed in your property and with this offered to those on low incomes and benefits it seems sensible to see if you are eligible for the insulation.


An efficiently running boiler is one way to keep down the costs of heating your home. For those who are on low incomes, there is a means-tested scheme whereby you can be given a new boiler at no cost if your current model proves to be inefficient.

A new boiler can cost around £2,300 to replace therefore you can see that this particular scheme can really save you money. You even receive the fitting as part of the boiler, although any additional repairs that need to be made to your heating system may incur an additional cost.

What about those who are not on benefits?

Whilst the majority of schemes are aimed at those who are on a low income, British Gas currently is offering installation of free loft and cavity wall insulation for everyone, regardless of income and whether you are a customer or not. The qualification of this particular scheme is that your current insulation is deemed as very poor and those houses that have insulation more than 5cm thick, covering a third or more of the loft will not be eligible.

If you are concerned about the cost of your energy use in the home then make sure you speak to an expert about the things that you can do to ensure that you keep those costs down as well as your home warm! Cosyhomes Windows are experts in home improvement and specialise in services such as Surrey Doors and Conservatories Surrey.

Our Top 5 Reasons For Upgrading Surrey Home Double Glazing


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Double Glazing Surrey

Living in Surrey surely has its benefits. Being close to London means excellent transport links, you are only a stones throw from plenty of activities for you and the kids, and it has even been described by the Daily Mail as the Beverly Hills of Britain, as per this article by Becky Barrow: Surrey Best Places To Live. However, there is always one small disadvantage of living in the south-east and that is the poor weather that we get, especially around winter time.

So, one thing we always get asked year on year is how can I make sure the heating in my home stays in my home? One of our first responses is always double glazing. There are lots of benefits to upgrading single glazed, or older double glazed windows to modern double glazing. By doing so, your home will be a warmer, more comfortable place to live. Not to mention adding extra style to your property with coloured or painted window frames.

Looking For Double Glazing In Surrey?

If you are looking for double glazing in Surrey, Chessington, Kingston or any of the surrounding areas in the south-east, but don’t want to break the bank, then look no further than Cosyhomes Windows. We offer a range of brand new, double glazed windows and doors and can also help with repairs and glass units. We know that sometimes changing the glass to upgrade existing UPVC windows is all that is required. UPVC is the most commonly used material for residential window frames, where over 80% of the residential window market in the UK has UPVC frames fitted. UPVC window frames have superior insulation and are specifically designed for double glazing.

Our Double Glazing Upgrade Tips

We are a friendly, family-run company with years of experience in the home improvement industry, making us the ideal choice for doors and double glazing Surrey. Based on this experience, here are our top 5 tips for upgrading your double glazing:

1) Lighter Energy Bills

Double glazing helps keep the cold out and the warm in. The better insulated your home, the less you’ll have to spend heating it, saving you money.

2) A Reduced Carbon Footprint

Using less energy not only saves you money on heating your house, it reduces your impact on the environment too. By using less fuel you’re generating less carbon dioxide, which leads to global warming.

3) A Cosier Home

Older windows, particularly single glazed ones, can be draughty leaving your home with uncomfortable cold spots. Weather tight double glazing will stop any draughts entering your home, making it a more comfortable place to live.

4) A Peaceful Place

As well as insulating your house against the cold, double glazing insulates against unwanted outside noise. If you live in a particularly noisy area such as a city centre or near an airport, secondary glazing can add extra insulation without having to replace your original windows.

5) Reduced Condensation

Whilst double glazing can’t completely eliminate condensation, it does significantly remove it and its associated problems, such as damp patches and mould. It’s not just glass that determines how thermally insulating a window is. Materials matter too. UPVC, aluminium and timber all have different levels of insulation – for example, timber has been found to be the most insulating. Whichever material you choose, installing energy efficient double glazing windows is a worthwhile investment for your home.

Contact Our Surrey Window Installer Today

So, now you know that upgrading your double glazing is most definitely worthwhile and doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. Cosyhomes Windows has over 35 years experience installing windows and doors throughout both Surrey and surrounding areas. For more information on double glazing Surrey, get in touch with our team today for more information on 020 8397 4040.

Triple Glazing Truth


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Triple Glazing Truth

REHAU have a triple glazed casement solution with a U-value of 0.8 which can be fabricated using the usual REHAU TOTAL70 70mm systems. In developing its 0.8 window, REHAU have introduced a solution that uses proven off the shelf components and requires no special machining or tooling set-up.
 The solution is based around their hugely popular REHAU TOTAL70 profile with a triple glazed Argon filled 44mm sealed unit. A standard glazing bead from the REHAU range neatly accommodates the glass without compromising the clear sightlines of the window.

Triple Glazing

You may have heard many other companies promoting Triple Glazing for a while, including what they are terming as free upgrades. Many are still offering the 28mm unit as triple glazed, which although will perform slightly better than a standard A-energy rated sealed unit, the improvement is hardly worth writing home about. To feel the full effects of Triple Glazing, benefitting from the best thermal efficiency and sound proofing technology you need to opt for a 44mm sealed unit – if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it properly.

The open out casement window has been fully weather tested to 600Pa, has achieved security accreditation to BS7950 and is fully certified to the 0.8 U-value at the BRE standard window size of 1230mm x 1480mm.

Triple Glazing

The really clever part about the window is a new REHAU THERMO foam module, which can be applied post manufacture, or on site. REHAU THERMO was originally developed in Germany using a moulded foam material, which is easy to handle and dust free when cut and provides the additional thermal efficiency necessary for the window to achieve the 0.8 U-value.

This simple and cost effective solution means that Cosyhomes as a REHAU Authorised Partner can add a 0.8 triple glazed window to our product portfolio giving you an A+ energy rated window. There are no compromises to be made in terms of window aesthetics or sightlines, weather performance or security.

Seeing as the main differential feature of the triple glazed window is the sealed unit, the cost comparison comes down to glass. Why not give us a call to get an estimate on triple glazing, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.