REHAU have a triple glazed casement solution with a U-value of 0.8 which can be fabricated using the usual REHAU TOTAL70 70mm systems. In developing its 0.8 window, REHAU have introduced a solution that uses proven off the shelf components and requires no special machining or tooling set-up.
 The solution is based around their hugely popular REHAU TOTAL70 profile with a triple glazed Argon filled 44mm sealed unit. A standard glazing bead from the REHAU range neatly accommodates the glass without compromising the clear sightlines of the window.

Triple Glazing

You may have heard many other companies promoting Triple Glazing for a while, including what they are terming as free upgrades. Many are still offering the 28mm unit as triple glazed, which although will perform slightly better than a standard A-energy rated sealed unit, the improvement is hardly worth writing home about. To feel the full effects of Triple Glazing, benefitting from the best thermal efficiency and sound proofing technology you need to opt for a 44mm sealed unit – if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it properly.

The open out casement window has been fully weather tested to 600Pa, has achieved security accreditation to BS7950 and is fully certified to the 0.8 U-value at the BRE standard window size of 1230mm x 1480mm.

Triple Glazing

The really clever part about the window is a new REHAU THERMO foam module, which can be applied post manufacture, or on site. REHAU THERMO was originally developed in Germany using a moulded foam material, which is easy to handle and dust free when cut and provides the additional thermal efficiency necessary for the window to achieve the 0.8 U-value.

This simple and cost effective solution means that Cosyhomes as a REHAU Authorised Partner can add a 0.8 triple glazed window to our product portfolio giving you an A+ energy rated window. There are no compromises to be made in terms of window aesthetics or sightlines, weather performance or security.

Seeing as the main differential feature of the triple glazed window is the sealed unit, the cost comparison comes down to glass. Why not give us a call to get an estimate on triple glazing, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.