Our Guide On How To Make Your Conservatory Warmer


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Our Guide On How To Make Your Conservatory Warmer
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During the warm summer months, your conservatory is an inviting extension of your living space however, during the colder winter months when there is little sunshine it can be uninviting.

In this article, we’re going to look at how to make your conservatory warmer and retain heat, including insulation upgrades, heating solutions, and cosy touches.

Insulation Upgrades: Building Your Warmth Fortress

There are several ways that you can transform your conservatory from a seasonal sunroom into a room that can be enjoyed all year round, while also reducing energy bills.

  • Double/Triple Glazing: Double and triple-glazed windows are very energy efficient as they trap heat and make a conservatory warmer. All of our conservatories come with the benefit of toughened double-glazed units throughout, keeping warmth in and noise out.
  • Roof Insulation and Ventilation: For maximum insulation, consider conservatory roof insulation. If your roof is made entirely of glass, rather than a solid tiled roof, you’re more likely to lose heat. Tiles can provide more insulation and if it’s in your budget this is a good option to consider.
  • Another option is internal reflective blinds. In winter these will reduce heat transfer, helping to keep your conservatory warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Seal the Gaps: Draught proof your conservatory to help prevent heat loss. A cost-effective way to do this is to use draught excluders at the bottom of a door. You should also fill any gaps around the window frames using self-adhesive foam strips to prevent draughts and cold air from entering conservatories.

Warming the Atmosphere: Heating Solutions for the Win

If a conservatory or garden room is cold in winter, there are ways to keep it warm.

  • Underfloor Heating: Electric or water based underfloor heating can provide instant heat and warm a cold floor. Under floor heating is a lovely luxury and will evenly distribute warmth throughout your conservatory.
  • Radiators: Adding electric radiators is also a good heating solution and thermostatic controls are very efficient, helping to reduce energy costs.
  • Wall-Mounted Heaters: Wall-mounted heaters are an excellent option for targeted warmth in your conservatory when the sun is scarce in winter.
  • Portable Heaters: Stay warmer with a low-maintenance portable heater. Perfect for increasing the temperature on chilly evenings when you still want to enjoy your conservatory.

Cosy Touches for a Warm Sanctuary:

As well as heating solutions, don’t forget to add cosy touches to create a warm sanctuary, such as:

  • Thermal curtains and blinds for extra warmth.
  • Soft furnishings, will not only add a stylish touch to your room but will also make it feel cosy and inviting. Don’t forget about your flooring too. Consider carpet tiles or rungs for extra warmth.
  • Warm-toned lighting will create a cosy atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a busy day.


Conservatories can be enjoyed all year round with the right combination of energy-efficient heating solutions and cosy touches. An older conservatory can be upgraded in cost-effective ways to improve its energy efficiency and a new conservatory project is a great opportunity to put heating solutions in place.

For help and advice on your conservatory, don’t hesitate to contact Cosyhomes Windows.

How To Stop Condensation In A Conservatory


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How To Stop Condensation In A Conservatory
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Misted windows are a common problem with windows in your home. And, if you have a conservatory, you may notice problems with condensation in there too.

But why does this happen and how can you prevent condensation? In this article, we look at what the causes of condensation are and how to control it. Read on to find out more.

What is Condensation?

Condensation is the process of water vapour becoming liquid. When condensation appears on windows, it can be hard to work out where it is located.

Condensation on the outside actually means your double-glazed unit is working properly. It’s when you notice condensation and misting between the panes of glass that there could be a problem.

Causes of Condensation?

Changes in temperature

Depending on the time of year, for example, when the weather gets colder, you might consider using a heater in your conservatory. However, this may make condensation worse, due to the sudden rise in temperature.

Poor ventilation

If there is poor airflow in your conservatory, you’re more likely to notice a build-up of condensation. Keep your conservatory ventilated. You can do this by leaving your windows slightly ajar or installing an extractor fan.

High humidity levels

There are a few things that can increase humidity in your conservatory, including house plants. If you do want to have house plants in your conservatory, choose ones that absorb moisture from the air. These include plants such as peace lilies.

How to Control Condensation in Your Conservatory

Improving Ventilation

There are a few ways that you can increase ventilation in your conservatory.

Types of Ventilation

Mechanical ventilation

A roof vent or extractor fan will help to circulate the air in your conservatory.

Natural ventilation

Opening windows, doors, and roof vents are natural ways to ventilate your conservatory.

Hybrid systems

A combination of both mechanical and natural ventilation methods will help to reduce the risk of condensation.

Controlling Humidity

Controlling humidity is an important factor in decreasing condensation. Using humidifiers and dehumidifiers will help.

A humidifier will add moisture to the air when it is too dry. A dehumidifier will take moisture from the air when it is too humid.


Ensure that your conservatory is properly insulated. Depending on the age of your conservatory, consider:

  • replacing the roof
  • install blinds
  • wall insulation

Talk to us about the best solution for your conservatory.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenace

Cleaning the windows in your conservatory on a regular basis will help to reduce condensation. It will also help you to keep an eye on the condition of your windows, making it easier to spot any weaknesses in the frame or glass.

Expert help and advice

We hope that you’ve found this article a useful overview of how to control the condensation in your conservatory. For expert advice on controlling condensation in your conservatory, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

What’s The Difference Between A Conservatory And An Orangery?


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What's The Difference Between A Conservatory And An Orangery
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When thinking about home improvements or extending your home there are a few options. If you’ve started some research you’ve probably come across two common structures; conservatories and orangeries. But what’s the difference?

What Is A Conservatory?

Conservatories have developed over the centuries and in the 1970s architects designed the idea of the domestic conservatory, inspired by the popular Victorian conservatories. In the 1980s, uPVC frames were developed and that’s when conservatories became very popular.

Modern conservatories are fully glazed structures with a low brick base. They are built against the wall of a house and the roof of a conservatory is more than 75% glass and the wall more than 50%. Conservatories must have a standalone heating source separate from the main house.

They are similar to a traditional extension and are built in such a way that they let in a lot of natural light.

What Is An Orangery?

Orangeries designed in the 17th century had solid roofs however by the 19th Century, they developed to feature a central glazed lantern. This allowed more natural light into the structure.

Originally created to grow citrus trees and cultivate fruits, they quickly became a status symbol and wealthy homeowners also began using them to house exotic plants.

Often mistaken for conservatories, a true orangery is quite grand and adds real elegance to a property. They are brick-based structures with large windows and a flat roof with a glass lantern. Usually, they have a heating source, such as a stove and wooden shutters to retain heat in the evenings.

Do Conservatories And Orangeries Add Value To A House?

Adding either structure to your home should add value, providing they are built to a high standard.

Typically a conservatory can add between 5-12% to the value of a property. Whilst an orangery can add as much as an extension depending on the finish.

When deciding between a conservatory and an orangery, make sure that you take into account the style of the property and choose the best one to match the style of your house.

If you speak to a local estate agent they can offer advice on what is popular in your area and what will most add value to your property.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

Generally, a conservatory or orangery is considered a single story extension and therefore wouldn’t require you to complete a full planning application. There are some limitations;

  • It must be a maximum height of 4m high or 3m high (if within 2m of a boundary)
  • It mustn’t cover more than half the garden
  • The roof ridge or top point must not be higher than the eaves of a property’s roof
  • The house must not be in a conservation area, national park or designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Before you begin any building project it’s important to check the Government Planning Portal.

If you’d like to chat about the options for extending your home, we’re happy to help. Please contact us for more information.

How To Clean Your Conservatory Roof


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How To Clean Your Conservatory Roof
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If you’re thinking about spring cleaning already, don’t forget the outside of your home as well as the inside particularly when it comes to your conservatory. More sunshine may highlight smudges on the glass or pesky moss and algae on your conservatory roof. Here are some tips to keep it in tip-top condition.

Where Do I Start?

The first step is to clean off any moss or algae that has collected on the roof, which is common in winter. You can do this manually with warm water and use a pressure washer for particularly tricky areas. If you notice moss or algae on the inside of your conservatory it’s worth checking for any leaks and repairing them to prevent this in the future.

Do I Need Any Special Cleaning Equipment?

Getting high enough to clean the roof of your conservatory can be tricky and you must make sure to do so safely.  Equipment you will need:

  • a sturdy ladder (as well as asking a helper to keep it steady)
  • a telescopic brush – one that you can connect to a hose-pipe – for hard to reach areas
  • warm soapy water to clean the frame
  • oil to treat the frame
  • a squeegee and a good quality micro-fibre cloth

Never set foot on the glass on the roof as it is not load-bearing. You could use crawl boards over the glazing bars but this is a practice best avoided.

You don’t need any special cleaning solutions as it’s best to avoid using any harsh chemicals which might damage the surface. Soap in warm water or half a cup of white vinegar should be sufficient.

Cleaning The Gutters

You should aim to clean the gutters twice a year as a minimum. Start by checking the downpipes as they might be blocked with plant debris and other materials. Dismantle the downpipes and clean using a long piece of wire, a stick or a powerful hose to dislodge the material.

Next, move onto the guttering along the roofline. Using a handheld tool, such as a trowel, you can gently move any debris out of the guttering and finish off with a damp cloth to clean the area.

Cleaning Frames And Windows

uPVC needs cleaning regularly to keep it in good condition. Start by cleaning the inside, opening the conservatory windows wide and removing any dust with a soft cloth. Use warm soapy water and to wash down the frames and window panes.

For sparkling windows, you could use a squeegee with a soft blade to wipe from side to side and top to bottom. A specific window cleaning sprayed on a soft cloth will bring them up well, finished with a rub down with some kitchen roll but don’t spray this type of solution on the frames. There are more tips on cleaning uPVC windows and frames here.

Do You Need Planning Permission For A Conservatory?


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Do You Need Planning Permission For A Conservatory?
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Conservatories are fantastic extensions to the home that offer the best of both the indoors and outdoors. However, building a conservatory does involve planning permission and it’s vital that you don’t ignore these regulations or else you could end up with a £5,000 fine and you may be forced to demolish your conservatory if it doesn’t meet the right standards.

The short answer is yes; you do need planning permission. However, if you’re willing to follow the national government regulations on permitted developments, you actually don’t need to seek permission at all.

Don’t worry if it sounds confusing because, in this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about getting planning permission and how you can avoid the disaster of being fined.

What Exactly Does Planning Permission Do For Me?

In short, planning permission is a formal approval from the local authorities for the construction of a building or extension. It’s a legal requirement that you can’t just simply ignore and it’s always best to seek planning permission even if the result is your local authority just saying “go for it, we won’t stop you.”

Planning permission is often needed for anything that isn’t classed as a permitted development. This is essentially something that fits in the national government regulations, so if your conservatory does fit these conditions then you can skip the entire planning permission phase and move straight onto the design and construction.

What Conditions Does My Conservatory Need To Meet?

  • Your conservatory mustn’t be more than half the size of your property’s original structure. The original structure is the size of your house when it was first built excluding any extensions that have been added to it.
  • Your conservatory project mustn’t have a fronting highway with verandas, raised platforms or balconies.
  • You can’t build a conservatory in the front of your home if it paces a pathway or highway unless you get permission first.
  • Side extensions are limited to being single storey and can’t be wider than the width of your house.
  • Extensions can’t go over the width of a detached property by four metres or three metres if you live in a semi-detached home.
  • You can’t build the roof higher than your original home.
  • The waves of your roof can’t be higher than three metres if it’s within two metres of a boundary.

As long as you follow these rules, you don’t actually need to obtain planning permission before you start your build.

What About Building Regulations?

Conservatories are excluded from building regulations (not to be confused with the conditions listed above) but they do apply if your conservatory is:

  • Larger than 30 square metres.
  • Not at ground level.
  • Not glazed and doesn’t have a door linking your house and conservatory.

As long as your conservatory doesn’t fit these three conditions, you don’t need to follow any building regulations or have a study conducted, but you may need to acquire planning permission.

Final Words

So to conclude; building a conservatory doesn’t require permission as long as it fits within the conditions listed in the article. However, you also need to remember that regulations can apply if your conservatory is larger than 30 square metres or doesn’t have a door linking your house and the conservatory.

Keep these points in mind and you’ll easily be able to avoid the hefty £5,000 fine. For more information on conservatories and our professional installation service, call us today on 020 8397 4040.

How Much To Replace Plastic Conservatory Roof With Glass


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How Much To Replace Plastic Conservatory Roof With Glass
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When first installing or building a conservatory, many will opt for plastic windows and roofs, in the beginning, to help them cut the costs. However, upgrading to glass has a lot of benefits to offer. Here, we’re going to look at why you might want to upgrade, as well as what you can expect to affect the costs of doing just that.

Why Upgrade Your Conservatory To Glass?

Plastic, or polycarbonate, conservatory roofs and windows are a common option when first building a conservatory. They are strong, resilient, and cheaper than glass. But glass roofs offer much more in return for the extra expense.

For one, the sound insulation properties are much better, so you’re not as likely to hear everything happening outside the conservatory. Secondly, they are more transparent, depending on the kind of glass used, offering a better light quality that improves visibility and lends the conservatory more of an ambience. Lastly, they are more scratch proof and have a much longer lifespan. As they’re able to withstand the weather for many more years than polycarbonate roofs, they will not need to be replaced anywhere near as soon.

How Much Will It Cost To Replace Your Conservatory Roof?

There is no simple answer as to how much, exactly, it costs to upgrade a conservatory roof from polycarbonate to glass. There are different factors that will impact those costs. The first factor worth considering is size. If you have a significantly larger conservatory, you could see costs rising as much as £1000 than they would be on a smaller conservatory roof.

There are many different types of conservatories, all of which have different roof structures and shapes. The simplest of these shapes, the lean-to conservatory, is going to cost the least to replace. Victorian conservatories are slightly more complex and cost more. Of the three most common varieties, Edwardian conservatories are the costliest to upgrade. Your own conservatory may cost differently if it follows a different design or structure style.

With that in mind, the price of the average small lean-to conservatory upgrade can be as low as £2,600, whereas a larger Edwardian conservatory upgrade can cost as much as £5,600. You need to have a specialist take a closer look, so you can get an accurate quote.

Replacements & Repairs

If you already have a glass conservatory but are concerned about damage or wear-and-tear, we can help you repair, replace, and upgrade, too. Our Glass Units page also looks at the other, smaller scale upgrades and repairs we can take care of. From fixing cracked or chip glass to making your windows more thermally efficient, we can help you install new sealed glass units that can help you save up to £175 a year on energy bills.

If you’re interested in finding out exactly how much it will cost you to upgrade your conservatory from plastic to glass, or you want to see what other work we offer, please check out our service pages or give Cosyhomes Windows a call on 020 8397 4040.

How Much Does A Replacement Conservatory Roof Cost?


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How Much Does A Replacement Roof Cost
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One of the most common mistakes in building a conservatory is forgetting to factor in the cost of maintenance. Over time, wear and tear will cause yours to need a roof replacement. Is your budget prepared to handle this additional cost?

A conservatory roof replacement is an inescapable part of conservatory ownership. However, you can make the price tag less shocking by planning ahead. Learn what you’re in for and what your options are, so you can budget accordingly.

Here, we’ll take a look at a few of the variables to consider, and how much your roof options may cost you. Read on to get prepared for a roof replacement that will put your conservatory in good shape for years to come.

Conservatory Roof Replacement Options

First, what are your options when it comes to a new conservatory roof? What you choose will affect how much you pay. Here are the main choices to keep in mind.


A solid roof can involve a number of different materials, such as slate or concrete tiles. Some of these materials can be quite heavy, so if you’re making a change, check to see that the structure can support the extra weight first.


A glass roof lets in all the natural light you could wish for. Some people today also opt for a translucent polycarbonate roof for the glass-like look without the weight and fragility.


You can also opt for a mix of these materials to meet your unique conservatory roof replacement needs. This option creates a sunny and a shady section of your conservatory for more variety.

When To Get A Replacement Conservatory Roof

Not sure if you should spring for one of these new roof styles yet?

Wear and tear is one of the main reasons to replace your conservatory roof. If you notice your roof is no longer looking or functioning well, it’s time to replace it.

However, you may also want a replacement to adjust the temperature or functionality of the space. If your current roof keeps things too hot or too cold, for example, a replacement may be just the adjustment you need. A new roof can allow you to grow different plants in your conservatory, or to use it more comfortably in all seasons.

What Will Your Replacement Conservatory Roof Cost?

Now, how much should you expect to pay for your replacement conservatory roof?

In the UK, you can usually expect to pay between £2000 and £5000 for a new, basic roof. But your roof material and building style will affect what you pay within that range, and can also drive the price even higher. Here are some pricing basics to consider:

  • A glass roof for a lean-to style will cost £2,000 to £3,200
  • A glass roof for a Victorian style will cost £3,000 to £8,000
  • A polycarbonate roof for a lean-to style will cost £1,900 to £2,900
  • A polycarbonate roof for a Victorian style will cost £3,000 to £8,000
  • A tiled roof for any style will cost £4,000 to £7,000

While you can easily replace most conservatory roofs for under £5000, an elaborate building design or fancy materials like tile will drive the price up.

Getting A Good Price On Your Conservatory Roof

Of course, the place you get your conservatory roof replacement from will also affect the replacement conservatory roof cost.

It’s important to try to get the best price. At the same time, you’ll want a team that does great work, which can make paying a bit more well worth it.

Need a great new roof at a great price? We can help. Learn more about our conservatory roof installation options here!

Why We Love A Glazed Extension


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Why We Love A Glazed Extension
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Thinking about installing a conservatory in your home? If you are, then you may want to consider a glazed extension instead. Similar to conservatories, they are a more contemporary styled extension that have a greater amount of glass than a standard conservatory.

Here at Cosyhomes Windows, we love glazed extensions for a variety of reasons. To help you to understand why, we have put together just what makes us fans of these additions to your home.

They Are Easy To Maintain

Who wants a dirty looking home? Certainly not us. If you opt for a modern style glazed extension, then this may not be an issue.

Frames are now made from a variety of materials that are designed not to discolour or rot over time. They can come in uPVC, timber or aluminium and each one will be able to withstand everything that the weather can throw at it.

Do you hate cleaning the windows on your home? Perhaps this is one of the main reasons that you are putting off having a glazed extension, however you don’t have to be worried about all those windows! Your glazed extension can have self-cleaning glass installed. They are designed to break down any surface dirt that attaches itself to the glass, leaving you with beautifully shiny windows.

Modern, Stylish And Functional

There are so many reasons why a glazed extension can be a great addition to your home. Not only do they look beautiful, but they will also ensure that the space is flooded with light.

They make a perfect space to eat, play or relax and no matter the weather or the time of day, you can sit in there and unwind.

Worried that it could be cold or draughty? By choosing an expert company to install the extension you will have a high-quality result. You can also be sure that they will use the highest energy efficient glass, meaning you definitely won’t feel the chill.

They Can Add Value To Your Home

No matter if you are not sure whether you want to sell your property in the future, you will still want to preserve, if not improve its value.

It is thought that you can add 8% onto the value of your home if you install a standard conservatory. If you opt for a glazed extension this could be as much as 10%. A pretty impressive figure.

Whilst the initial cost may be something to think about, you should see them as an investment. It is something that will have a long-term benefit for your home and your family.

Contact The Experts

Are you thinking that you want to know more about glazed extensions and how you can add one to your home? Why not get in touch with one of our team today and see what we can do for you? You may be able to take a step closer towards having a bright and warm space in your home.

Conservatory Maintenance – Our Top Tips


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Conservatory Maintenance Tips
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Conservatories are a great addition to any home, providing much needed space for your family to enjoy. However, they can mean additional conservatory maintenance in order to keep them looking at their best.

Here at Cosyhomes Windows, we have put together our guide on how to keep your conservatory looking great and functioning just as it should with our conservatory maintenance top tips. The best thing about these tips is that each and every one is not too costly or time consuming, and only need to be done every few months or so.

So here it is; our how-to guide for that spotless, well maintained conservatory:

Dirty Windows

With windows such a huge part of any conservatory, one thing that can really affect the look of your conservatory is their cleanliness and condition.

Pollution and weather can affect your conservatory on a daily basis, therefore it is easy to see why it doesn’t take long for grime to build up on windows. However, the best news is that it doesn’t take too much to resolve.

In fact, the best way to clean those grubby windows is with some warm soapy water and a soft cloth; this is especially true if the glass is leaded as you don’t want to dislodge any of the lead on the surface of the glass.

You should always rub gently and carefully, taking your time to get those panes shining!


Condensation can occur in conservatories, however it is an issue that can be resolved with simple ventilation.

The best way to ventilate your conservatory may seem obvious. They include:

  • Opening windows and doors regularly
  • Keeping the trickle vents open

Heating can also help to keep the space free from condensation so make sure that you install heating if it is an option.

General Conservatory Maintenance Upkeep

When it comes to keeping your conservatory looking at its best, there are some more general things that you can do at regular intervals to help.

As well as cleaning your windows, it is important to also clean the roof and side frames of the conservatory too. This should be done around every 4 months, as this will keep any grime at bay.

When it comes to cleaning products, we recommend that you buy specialist conservatory cleaning products as these are designed to give maximised results without causing any damage. Any products that are solvent based or labelled as abrasive should be avoided.

You should also pay attention to the gutters too; these can become full of debris and leaves over time and the build-up of materials in such a confined space can lead to leaks due to water overflowing from the gutter.

We hope that these top tips help keep your conservatory looking as beautiful and shiny as it was the first day you had it built. For more information, including conservatory installation in Surrey services, call us today on 020 8397 4040.

Our Top 5 Reasons To Invest In A Conservatory


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Invest In Conservatories Surrey
Categories :Conservatories

The addition of a conservatory is usually a more cost-effective solution than moving house. Also, conservatories enable us to make the most of the garden whether it is raining or not, so it is easy to understand their popularity. At Cosyhomes Windows our conservatories Surrey team take your measurements, then design and build a conservatory tailored to suit you.

What Can A Conservatory Be Used For?

Many of us long for a little extra space at home but are reluctant or unable to splash out on a full extension. The addition of a conservatory, however, comes as a welcome halfway house, offering a versatile space at an affordable price.

Nowadays, a growing trend is to have larger, more open-planned living spaces in our homes. For example, our kitchen is no longer just somewhere we cook, but it may include the dining area or even a second living room, becoming a place to gather and socialise. This has also had an impact on the way conservatories are used and how they are attached to the home. Having a single door access may be inadequate as it can make the conservatory feel like a separate room that has just been added onto the back of the property, whereas opening up the entire back of the house can enlarge the entire living space by bringing the outside in. Although planning regulations would apply, it is certainly something to consider with the way we now live.

There are a wide variety of ways that a conservatory can be used – here are our top 5 ideas on how you can utilise one for your home:

1. An Extra sitting room – The addition of a second sitting room is something that many of us dream of. Whether we are looking for a comfortable space to read away from the television or simply want a way out of the stylistic compromises that come with a lack of space, using a conservatory as an extra sitting room can be hugely beneficial.

2. A Dining room – If you are keen to make more out of your meal times, why not create a room exclusively for dining? There is nothing better than sitting down to meals with a clear view over your own garden. A conservatory come dining room is also perfect for dinner parties!

3. Growing Plants – Most of us make an effort to incorporate a bit of greenery into our homes. However, restrictions on space and light can make it difficult to find a place for your plants. A conservatory is a perfect environment for plants to thrive in.

4. A Kitchen extension – The kitchen has become a more integral part of the home’s living space of late, as we use it as a place not only to cook and prepare food but increasingly as one in which to entertain. Few kitchens can offer sufficient room for seating, but an extension into your conservatory may well be the solution to your problem. As well as increasing the space available to you, this is also a great way of bringing more light into your kitchen and generally making it a nicer place to be.

5. What about a Gym – The bright space of a conservatory can work well as a motivational tool to get your muscles pumping without feeling self-conscious, not to mention the savings you can make by not having to pay those costly membership fees!

Contact Our Conservatories Surrey Team Today!

Cosyhomes Windows have over 35 years experience in the home improvement industry and are a one-stop shop for your entire conservatory needs. We offer a full conservatory design and installation service, throughout Surrey, Chessington and surrounding areas. Whether you are looking for a simple lean-to, a Georgian or Victorian style, our team has a bespoke solution that is right for you and your home, so there is no need to worry about involving other trades.

If you would like our personal hints and tips on keeping your conservatory in tip-top condition, then read our article on conservatory maintenance.

To find out more, take a look at what we offer on our conservatories page or call us now on 020 8397 4040. A member of our conservatories Surrey team can run through all your options and arrange a visit at your home.