Curtains are a great addition to your home. They offer a touch of style and add colour, texture and a sense of beauty to every room that they are in. Not only this, but when combined with double glazed windows they greatly energy efficient, keeping out the cold air and making sure that all that lovely warmth stays inside.

Do you think you could benefit from a touch of curtain in your home? Then the first place to start is by installing a curtain pole and curtain poles are not the easiest things to fit. If you do it wrong, you could damage your property too.

To help you with this process, Cosyhomes Windows have put together our guide on how to put up a curtain pole in your own home.

Fitting A Curtain Pole

Step 1 – Measure 10-15 cm above the recess of your window and mark how high the pole should be above the window. This will depend on the way that you want your curtains to hang and how much space you have.

Step 2 – Using a spirit level, you will then need to draw a guideline that extends from one side to the other. This should extend beyond the window itself on both sides, as this will accommodate the supporting brackets that will also need to be installed. You may find that the window recess isn’t level, therefore the line that you draw may not be the same distance above the recess, however, it needs to be straight.

Step 3 – Knowing that your curtains are a specific height, you should then use this to work out the fixing height for the brackets that you will install. The bracket should be placed at a height that means that the end of the curtain will sit just where you want it.

You will then need to mark where your brackets are going to go, they should be around 15cm from either side of the window recess, although this will depend on the width of the curtains that you are going to hang.

Step 4 – The brackets need to be put in place first, and during this, you need to double check that they are in the right place. You will need to use wall plugs that match your wall type and weight of poles and curtains to fix brackets in place.

Step 5 – Once the support brackets are drilled in, you need to adjust your pole length so that it extends a few centimetres beyond where the support brackets are, if you have a wooden pole this can be cut down to size, metal poles can be extended too.

Step 6 – The final step is then threading the curtain rings onto the pole, leaving one outside the support bracket, which secures the curtains in place. You also need to fix the ends onto the pole, which again, stops the curtains from falling off the end.

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So if you are treating yourself to some brand new curtains, why not make sure that your windows are the best quality too? Cosyhomes Windows are proud to offer a wide range of glazing solutions, not only making sure that your home looks amazing inside and out, but also that it is warm and inviting for all of your family and friends too.