Here at Cosyhomes Windows we are experts in everything windows. We know that not only is it important to have quality windows installed in your home, but that you also have some good quality curtains hanging up too.

Measuring for curtains in normal style windows is easy enough to do, but if you have a bay style window then you may not find it as simple.

The style of bay windows mean that they stick out from the wall, not only creating a great look, but also letting in plenty of light into your room too. However, they do require different curtain poles, tracks and hanging methods when it comes to curtains. Which means that you will need to take a variety of different measurements in order to make sure that they fit in with your bay window.

Hopefully this guide will help you with how to measure bay windows for curtains.

Where Do You Want Them To Sit?

Before you start measuring for your curtains, you will need to decide exactly where you will want the rod or track to be. Take a good look at the window frame and decide whether you want them to hang from the inside of the frame, or rest outside it. This choice will require different measurements.

Look At The Length

Do you want your curtain to rest just below the frame of the window? Or do you like the idea of it resting gently on the floor? To measure you will need to place your tape measure at the top of the window frame and pull it down until you reach the length that you will want it to reach.

Find The Width

One of the best ways to approach the width of curtains that you will need is to measure each individual section. Place the tape measure on the left hand side of the window at the first section and then stop before you get to the next section. It is important that the tape measure remains level whilst you are taking the measurements.

How Many Panels Will You Need?

You may find that you need more than one panel to create a complete curtain for your bay window. To determine the number of panels, you should make sure that you double the width measurements of the window.

Therefore, if the window is 40 inches wide, then you will need to have 80 inches of curtain panels to make sure that there are no gaps and the bay window is properly dressed.

The average curtain panel is between 40 inches and 60 inches, which means that you may need to buy more panels then you would for a standard window.

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Remember a great curtain cannot only keep the warmth in the building, but it can also add colour and style to the room too. Just make sure that you carefully measure and you will have a bay window that looks even more beautiful! Contact Cosyhomes today for more help towards keeping you cosy and stylish.