Here at Cosyhomes Windows we know how important quality windows can be when keeping your home toasty and warm. However, do you know that there are other ways that you can heat your home for free to avoid spending the Earth on heating bills?

Heat your home for free

During 2013 the government looked at the UK’s energy consumption and tasked energy firms to not only reduce the rate but also help those who are at risk of fuel poverty. This scheme was entitled the ECO (energy company obligation) and has had a great impact since introduction.

In fact, it is thought that 1.5m measures have been installed in homes around the UK in order to reduce the energy used. However, there are still those people who are on low-incomes or live in older properties who may not realise that they are entitled to this support.

So if you receive benefits such as child tax and pension credit then there may be a scheme that can help you as the colder winter weather creeps in.

Not sure of where this support is? One of the first places to visit is the Energy Saving’s Trust who provide you with impartial information on how you can access the support that you need.

Before you visit them however, we have put together a quick guide to some of the hot tips when it comes to wanting to heat your home for free.

Cavity wall and loft insulation

Most homes in the UK will have had insulation put in their walls and loft spaces at some point. However what many home owners do not know is that older style insulation and ones that fall beneath the 27cm recommended level could mean that you are eligible for a free upgrade.

Insulation is known to reduce energy bills and is incredibly easy to source and have installed in your property and with this offered to those on low incomes and benefits it seems sensible to see if you are eligible for the insulation.


An efficiently running boiler is one way to keep down the costs of heating your home. For those who are on low incomes, there is a means-tested scheme whereby you can be given a new boiler at no cost if your current model proves to be inefficient.

A new boiler can cost around £2,300 to replace therefore you can see that this particular scheme can really save you money. You even receive the fitting as part of the boiler, although any additional repairs that need to be made to your heating system may incur an additional cost.

What about those who are not on benefits?

Whilst the majority of schemes are aimed at those who are on a low income, British Gas currently is offering installation of free loft and cavity wall insulation for everyone, regardless of income and whether you are a customer or not. The qualification of this particular scheme is that your current insulation is deemed as very poor and those houses that have insulation more than 5cm thick, covering a third or more of the loft will not be eligible.

If you are concerned about the cost of your energy use in the home then make sure you speak to an expert about the things that you can do to ensure that you keep those costs down as well as your home warm! Cosyhomes Windows are experts in home improvement and specialise in services such as Surrey Doors and Conservatories Surrey.