What Is A Composite Door?


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What Is A Composite Door?
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Here at Cosyhomes Windows we are not only experts in supplying high quality windows to homes of all sizes, but we are also able to help people find the perfect door for their property too.

We have expertise in a range of different doors and windows, and can install them into your home with ease. Leaving you warm, cosy and feeling great in the most important building to you and your family.

There are a number of different doors that you can choose from for your home and the choice can be confusing sometimes. This is why we have put together this guide to the different types of doors that you can choose from, looking at Composite Doors in particular.

The Different Types Of Doors

There are three main types of doors that you can choose from for your home. Wooden, uPVC and Composite. The one you pick will largely depend on the look that you want and the style of your home.

Wooden Doors

Used for many years, wooden doors are the most traditional style of door that you can choose for our home. Over the years these type of doors have definitely changed style, and despite being the oldest on the block, they still remain incredibly popular with homes up and down the UK.

uPVC Doors

More of a modern approach then the wooden door, uPVC doors are not only more weather resistant, but also require less maintenance then wooden doors. They are also lower in cost when compared to the old style wooden doors.

Composite Doors

The most modern approach to doors for your home, composite doors have been designed as a solution to the issue of having single material doors, such as wooden or uPVC. What are composite doors made of? These doors combine different materials, allowing them to deliver an all round solution that the other style of doors simply cannot.

Why Choose A Composite Door?

As we have already said, composite doors are made up from a combination of materials. This includes PVC, insulating foam, glass reinforced plastic and wood. By bringing together all of these different types of materials, a door can be created that is strong, secure and long lasting.

Known to be weatherproof, if you install a composite door in your home then you won’t have to worry about factors such as seasonal changes. Composite doors also have a higher resistance to cold weather, letting less heat out, all thanks to the insulating foam feature. They are also easy to clean, and won’t fade, even when they are faced with the most adverse weather conditions.

Best of all, a composite door is made to look great. In fact, whilst it boasts some of the modern touches of a uPVC door, it also has the traditional elegance of a wooden door. Making it ideal if you want to bring the two worlds together.

Contact The Experts

Want to consider the right door options for your home? Then why not get in touch with our expert team here and talk about what it is that you need for your home.

Could Brexit Mean It Is Time For Upgrades?


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Could Brexit Mean It Is Time For Upgrades?
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2016 has been the year that saw the UK undergo a huge decision, and unless you have been living in a cave for the best part of it, Brexit is something that you will know only too well about.

In June 2016, the people of the UK took the decision that they wanted to leave the European Union, causing a number of ripples across the entire country. That said most of us do not seem to have felt the effect of Brexit at all. Surprising?

Well, whilst there were some financial implications immediately after the decision, it seems that it is the long term that will really see the changes come into force.

You may even find that Brexit affects some of the more “normal” parts of your life. In fact, here at Cosyhomes Windows, we believe that Brexit could mean that your doors and windows see a cost rise. Meaning that you may end up paying more to keep your home looking great.


There is a good chance that the amazing new windows and doors that you have installed in your property will be made up of components from across Europe. Unfortunately, one of the things most likely to be affected over the next 2-3 years will be trade with our European neighbours.

Both trade systems and laws will undergo major changes, and the impact of this will be that the cost of trading (and the cost of buying the items for the customer) rises.

Buy Your New Doors And Windows Now

Rather than wait and see if you will end up paying a higher price. Why not make the investment into your home now instead?

New windows and doors not only make the property feel clean, fresh and new, but in the long term it will add value onto it too. Perfect for if you want to sell in the future.

It will also leave your house warmer and cosier. If that wasn’t enough then think about the money saving aspect too. High performing doors and windows will reduce how much you need to pay out in heating bills, saving you money in what could be uncertain times.

Contact Cosyhomes Windows Now

If you think that it is about time you upgraded your doors and windows, then get in touch with us here at Cosyhomes Windows today. We are the experts in making sure that your home not only looks beautiful but that it feels inviting too; and nothin

How To Install Weather Stripping Around Your Front Door


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How To Install Weather Stripping
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Whilst we may feel that we are still firmly in the midst of summer, here at CosyHomes Windows, we know that winter is never far away.

No one wants to feel the big chill in their home, so for those people looking to minimise the heating loss and keep feeling warm, even when the weather turns cold, we have some advice for you.

Weather-stripping! A simple yet effective way to trap more heat in your home and create a cosy environment throughout the winter. Want to learn how to install weather stripping and more about how it work? Then our guide will most certainly help.

What Does Weather Stripping Do?

If you place your hand next to the front or back door in your home and feel a draft, then you will be losing heat through this space. It is important to create an airtight seal around these doors and one of the best ways to do this is to install or replace weather stripping around the door.

Weather stripping comes in a variety of forms and it is important to ensure that you have the right style and material for your door.

How To Install Weather Stripping?

The process of installing or replacing the weather stripping in your home is easy. One thing that is key is to ensure that you have properly measured the weather stripping that you have bought to ensure that you do not have any issues in the long term.

  • The weather stripping is installed at both the base and top of a door, making sure that you block any gaps to stop the warm air from escaping and the cold air from coming in.
  • You can opt for V Strip, felt, foam, vinyl, door sweeps or silicone. All of which are available at local hardware stores.
  • Depending on the type of stripping that you purchase, you will need to peel and stick, fasten with screws or simply press into your gaps.
  • It is vital that you ensure that everything fits properly before securing the stripping in place as you may end up having to remove and replace which can be costly as well as time consuming.

If you are not sure that you know how to install weather stripping in your front door, or whether you simply want some guidance from an expert, then contact us here at CosyHomes Windows, we understand how to keep you toasty and warm in your own home, as well as keep your heating costs down too.

Choosing Door Safety Locks


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Choosing Door Safety Locks
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Your front door; it’s the entrance to your home and the one thing in your property that you will want to make sure is secure, above all else. To do this, there are a wide variety of door safety locks available to buy, however, finding the one that is right for you will depend on the material of your door and of course, the level of security that you feel is necessary.

Door locks are not an area that many people will be an expert in, so here at Cosyhomes Windows we have put together our top tips for finding the right lock for your door.

Mortice Sashlock – Timber Doors

Mortice Sashlock

This type of lock combines a standard mortice lock with a handle-operated latch mechanism. You can open and shut this door without using a key, however, when you leave the property you will need to lock it securely using a key.

There are 3 levels of security with these types of locks; 5 lever is the most secure type and often used on back doors for maximum protection, whereas 3 lever locks can be used on an internal door that may need locking.


Nightlatch – Timber Doors

Night latch - Timber Doors

The nightlatch is the perfect lock for any external door on your home. It is mounted inside the door around shoulder height and has a latch mechanism that works almost like a “slam lock”.

From the outside of the door you can only open the lock with a key, however it can open as a normal door from the inside too. It is usually combined with other types of locks as an additional element of security.


Mortice Deadlock – Timber Doors

Mortice Deadlock

Usually mortice deadlocks are combined with nightlatches on front doors. This type of door safety lock only has a bolt that is operated with a key and when installed in a door that also has a nightlatch offers a high level of security.


Rim Cylinder – Timber Doors

Rim Cylinder

This surface mounted key turning mechanism has a brass barrel that is fitted with a hole drilled into the door. You will be able to open the door from the outside with a key.

These cylinder locks are always used with a nightlatch and often you will buy both locks together, although you can buy replacements if you need to.


Euro Cylinder – PVCu Doors

Euro cylinders feature in many different types of multi-point locks. They are popular as they are easy to replace, however, they do come in different types that can make it difficult to pick one.

Euro Cylinder
    Single Cylinder – this type of cylinder offers you the ability to open the door with a key from one side only.
    Double Cylinder – this cylinder offers you access with a key from both sides of the door.
    Double Cylinder with Thumb Turn – this type of cylinder allows for key access from one side and a thumb turn facility from the other side.


Need Help Choosing Your Locks & Doors?

If you are buying a new lock for any door then you will want to make sure that it is fabricated in the UK by checking that it carries the kitemark. This means that you will feel safe in the knowledge that you have the very best in home security.

Here at Cosyhomes Windows, we can help you choose the right door and locks for your property, and fit them for you, to the highest standards. Our surrey doors specialist can talk you through the options available and provide you with a free estimation.

Call us today on 020 8397 4040 or contact us via our online contact form.

Choosing Windows And Doors Of High Quality


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When it comes to choosing items for your home, especially those that form part of the building, you are likely to want to select as high quality as you can. This is why anyone choosing windows or doors should take their time on their decision and carefully consider all the factors.

Here at Cosyhomes Windows, we only offer the highest quality double glazing Surrey, windows, doors and glass units available on the market. But with great looking products, you need top quality fixtures. During fabrication and installation, we believe using the best materials available on the market along with a very experienced team of fitters gives you – our customer -complete peace of mind and a perfectly functioning product.

But how can you tell the quality items from those that may not last quite as long? We have put together our guide for sourcing that perfect window or door.

Materials used

Windows that are created in Europe must not contain lead; as this is toxic. Windows that are created throughout the rest of the world may not have the same standards and therefore can contain lead.

As Cosyhomes Windows items are created within the EU, we can guarantee that our windows are only made from the best quality materials.

Good process control when choosing windows

Much like any other high quality items that are created, windows and doors should follow through strict process control procedures at every stage of the manufacturing process. This means that you can be sure your window or door has been thoroughly tested and will not only perform well but will last a lifetime too!

Cosyhomes Windows have strict procedures and manufacturing processes that our fabricators follow in order to craft our beautiful windows.

Those finishing touches

Aside from making sure that your window or door works well, the fixtures and fittings that complete the door or window system are also incredibly important when choosing double glazing Surrey, windows and doors.

Hinges, brackets, locks, handles all need to be made to the highest quality to ensure that your windows and doors are secure and work the best for you. Some window companies may choose not to use high grade finishing fixtures, however here at Cosyhomes Windows we know that every single part of your window and door is vital.


Companies who are secure in the knowledge that they are providing quality to their customers are more likely to offer a warranty or guarantee on the items they craft and sell. Here at Cosyhomes Windows, we offer guarantees on all our products and on the installation of all your windows and doors.

With us you can rest assured that you are protected every step of the way when choosing windows or doors. So, if you are looking for the highest quality window or door, you know where to come to ensure that you receive only the very best! Call us today on 020 8397 4040.

What To Look For When Choosing A New Front Door


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No matter your property, whether it is a new build or an 18th century home, it is important to get a front door that matches in with your house style. At some point you will need to consider a replacement, and when that time comes, believe it or not there is plenty to think about. What type of door do you want? How do you want it to look? What security features do you want it to have?

New front door advice from the Surrey Doors specialist

With the majority of Cosyhomes Windows customers being based around Chessington and Surrey, we understand that the ideal choice of front door should fit in with the style of the Surrey based properties. As a Surrey doors specialist, Cosyhomes Windows can guide and advise you on the ultimate choice, starting with these main design aspects:

Materials: When choosing a new front door, there are a number of material options available. No matter what material you choose, your decision will always be based on 3 main factors: price, durability and security. Either way, you will have a choice between wood, uPVC and composite. uPVC offers the cheapest front door whilst wood can sometimes be the most expensive. Composite doors are without doubt the best solution and offer a durable and hardwearing installation with a skin of Glass Reinforced Plastic – that’s the stuff they use to make the hull of a boat – offering excellent protection.

Design: Next up is the design of your new front door. Appearance is the first port of call for most people. It is important that a door fits in with the overall style of your home. It also needs to look good with the existing windows and doors. When you find a door that meets these requirements, you can add personal touches such as a decorative glass design or front door furniture. Both our composite and uPVC door ranges accommodate traditional and contemporary door designs.

Colour: One of the most important aspects to your new front door is colour as you need something which matches your property. In this day and age houses are painted anything from white to pink to blue. White and black front doors are still the most popular options but you could opt for a bold approach and choose green, red or even blue. Our own composite door range has recently seen a new selection of contemporary door colours added which include ‘Poppy Red’, ‘Chartwell Green’, ‘Duck Egg Blue’ and ‘Grey’

Security: Another consideration is the function of your door. If you live in an area with a high-crime rate or have valuable possessions in your home of which require extra security, you need a door that can keep any potential attackers out. Criminals often learn tricks to get in through doors that use standard security measures, so it is important to have the highest security possible which prevents this from happening. Multi-point locks keep the door secured to the frame in several places, providing a higher level of security than locks, which hold only the centre of the door.

Energy Efficiency: More and more people are concerned with energy efficiency, whether it is because of environmental concerns or due to the rising costs of energy bills. Choosing a front door with good thermal insulation can prevent heat escaping and reduce your energy bills. Composite doors can also help block out the sounds of the outside world, perfect if you live near a busy road or have noisy neighbours.

Extras: It is not just a case of choosing a front door for your home; there is also all the extras and trimmings to decide on too. This includes the letterbox, handles, knockers and even a spyhole to give you that little bit of added security. Cosyhomes Windows can supply all the extras you need to get that complete bespoke look.

Looking for Surrey Doors? Then Choose Us!

Cosyhomes Windows are based in Chessington, Surrey, and have over 35 years experience in the home improvement industry. We offer French, Patio, Residential, Bi-Fold or Composite doors in a variety of finishes, designs, glazing options and panels.

To find out more about our selection of doors we have on offer, please visit our Surrey Doors page or contact a member of the team on 020 8397 4040.