When the glass panes within a wooden door becomes chipped, smashed, or shattered, it can cause major problems. Aside from compromising the aesthetic beauty, it may produce a safety hazard and reduce the home’s insulation. If it’s an external door, it may put you at greater risk from burglars and outside dangers too. As such, this is an issue that requires immediate action. While you may fear that replacing the entire door is your only option, it may be possible to find a quicker, easier, and cheaper solution simply by replacing the glass pane. Therefore, we have written an article on how to replace a glass pane in a wooden door to help you tackle this issue.

Remove The Financial Strain, Replace The Pain

Let’s face it; doors are expensive, especially if it’s the front or back door. Aside from the materials, you’ll need to dispose of the existing door and think about additional ideas like getting new keys cut. Moreover, this is a job where only a professional job will do while it’s also one that will require a lot of time.

Opting for a glass pane replacement service may open the door for skilled DIYers to complete the work themselves. If not, the fact that this type of job can be completed far sooner will lower the costs. Given that the glass pane is the cheapest part of the door too, this route will be kinder to your pocket, not to mention a far more practical solution.

The Process

Removing a glass pane is a little difficult and requires the right tools, but it’s hardly the most difficult home repair job. Tape over the glass for safety and use a Stanley knife or blade to cut the through the paint and sealant. Next, use a chisel to remove the wood out of the panel. Take out the glass and measure the opening and ensure the new glass is 1/8th of an inch smaller than the opening itself.

Use nails to secure the glass back into the panel before applying the sealant. Nail holes should be filled in, and you’ll want to paint the door for a better aesthetic. On another note, try to find safety glass rather than the outdated panes that were used on older doors. After all, this is probably one of the main reasons that the glass broke in the first place. Job done.

Need Help?

While it’s still quicker and easier than replacing the door, you may wish to have professional support. After all, the importance of your door cannot be overlooked for a second. Whether it’s in order to get the best results or simply save time, Cosyhomes is ready to help. Our friendly technicians can replace the glass units in a fast, efficient, and affordable manner, leaving you with peace of mind.

We offer an array of support. Whether it’s sourcing the right materials at the best price before completing the task, using our skills and experience to complete the work, or a combination of both doesn’t matter. If you need support restoring your door to its former glory, it’s crystal clear that ours is the only help you’ll need. Contact our team today on 020 8397 4040.