In the first three months of 2020 alone, there were over 356,000 burglaries in England and Wales. In 70% of these burglaries, the offender entered the home through a door, and in 30%, they entered through a window. This underscores the need to make sure your home is secure and that your windows, doors, and other areas can withstand potential burglars. 

October is National Home Security Month so there’s no better time to make sure your home security is up to par! Each week of the month has a different focus on an area of your home and by the end of the 5 weeks, your home will be safe and secure from the inside out. 

Read on to learn more about National Home Security Month and how to keep your home safe. 

Week 1: Door Security

Week 1 focuses on door security. Did you know that 5% of home burglaries occur because a door was left unlocked? This week will give you all the information you need on appropriate locks and security solutions for your doors.

Week 2: Indoor Security

Week 2 is all about indoor security. Learn everything you need to know about where to hide your valuables, what types of indoor cameras are best, and how to secure your indoor spaces.  

Week 3: Alarm Systems & CCTV

Week 3 is all about alarm systems and CCTV to protect your home. Alarm systems are the biggest deterrents for burglars, so if you don’t have one, there’s no better time to install one. 

Week 4: Smart Home Security

If you take the plunge and install an alarm system, you’ll want one that you can monitor from anywhere. Smart home security gives you that ability. From smart locks, cameras, and alarms that can be viewed and operated from your smartphone from anywhere in the world, week 4 will cover all that you need to know to upgrade to smart home security. 

Week 5 (Bonus Week): Home Security Tips & Tricks

You get a bonus week to National Home Security Month this year. Week 5 will include home security tips and tricks for the longer, darker winter nights. 

Top Home Security Tips From Cosyhomes Windows

Cosyhomes Windows provide safe and secure windows and doors for your home. The PVCu windows are steel-reinforced, fully welded, and internally glazed. This reduces the risk of burglary as the glass can’t be removed outside of the building. 

Combine our secure windows with window sensors connected to an alarm system, window bars, and motion-sensor floodlights. 

When it comes to securing your doors, we offer doors that have many of the same security features of our windows. Multi-point locking systems, steel-reinforced, fully welded, and internally glazed doors are our speciality.

Choose a secure door and enhance the security with cameras, motion-sensor lights, and an alarm system connected to your exterior doors. 

Former burglars have indicated that CCTV systems and barking dogs are two of the biggest deterrents when they are looking for a home to burglarize. Our secure homes and doors combined with CCTV cameras and a barking dog (or a recording of a barking dog!) should make your home safe and sound. 

Don’t Wait For National Home Security Month

Don’t wait for National Home Security Month to make sure your home is secure. Perform a security audit now to see what you need to bolster your home’s security. Just the same, focus on keeping your home and your belongings burglar-free all year long, not just during one month a year. 

If you’re ready to upgrade your windows and doors, contact us today to learn more about what we can offer you.