Now, you have probably heard Cosyhomes say for a long, long time that all our windows come A-energy rated as standard and now I’m going to give away our secret on why…

Since 2010 Government legislation demanded that windows have a minimum Window Energy Rating (WER) of C or above. Around that time Cosyhomes was inundated with requests from glass suppliers trying to do business with us, attempting to oust our glass supplier whom we had a long-standing relationship with. This gave us some buying power and the excuse that we simply had to have the best.

We have always been a company that believes in high quality products and fitting the best available on the market. Not only does this fit our company ethos and the way we choose to work, it also makes our jobs easier and free-flowing at the same time as benefitting you, our customers. Cheaper products have proven not to stand the test of time, are harder to install, often entail problems, tend to need constant adjustments and tweaks – all of this impacts our customers, and us as a small business.


Energy Rating

Leading up to the legal requirement on energy rated windows, Cosyhomes were one of the first companies around the Surrey area to say we only fit A-energy rated windows, at no extra cost. The big boys (we’ll mention no names) were confusing customers offering A, B and C rated windows, many stating that B rated windows were their standard, and our direct competitors were simply lagging behind. Now, not wanting to sound smug and arrogant but simply sing the praises of our team and support network, we stormed ahead and customers were impressed. Our window profile was already a top quality Rehau 5-chambered system; all that was left to sort out was the glass unit. The glass had to have a Warm Edge Spacer and had to be Argon Gas filled as well as specifications on the type of glass used to put the unit together. We struck such a great deal on the cost of our A-energy rated glass units – paying not much more than standard units – that we could swallow the difference and use it as a marketing opportunity.

Being a small, family business we haven’t got massive resources or expensive consultants – that’s how we keep our prices competitive. It would have been a massive task, and a confusing one at that, to have 3 different energy rated options for our customers; 3 sets of prices, different order forms for each, staff training, meetings with suppliers… the list goes on. Quite honestly, we wanted simple. Simple quotes, simple information, a simple ordering process – for us but more importantly our customers. That’s what people like about us – no gimmicks and no complications. The proof was in the pudding – all our customers were offered A-energy rated windows at no extra cost. Our forward thinking approach meant an increase in sales and customers approaching us as they had seen and heard about our A-energy rated windows.

Obviously many companies followed suit and in the last four years saw sense to only offer A-rated windows as standard. Now with the new 36mm and 44mm triple-glazing options from Rehau the energy ratings system has been all shook up again. Keep your eyes peeled for a future post on triple glazing and how to achieve an even better rating.

For more information, get in touch. We’d be happy to show you how your home could be more thermal efficient reducing heat loss and cutting down on your heating bills.

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