Living in the UK means that condensation is a given – there’s no way to escape it. Thanks to the high humidity and wet winters, when autumn arrives and temperatures begin to drop, it’s common to notice moisture and water in the corners of your windows or across the entire window.

While having to wipe down a double glazed window constantly is frustrating, there is another potential issue, too – black mould growth. Not only is this ugly, but it may also cause serious breathing and health problems.

Dealing With Condensation & Misting In Your Windows

If condensation appears on the inside or outside of the glass, it’s not that big of a deal. You can easily wipe it up and remedy the problem.

The issues arise when condensation appears in the air gap between the gazing panels. There are several reasons this may happen:

  • Abnormally cold weather or high levels of humidity
  • High levels of moisture because of wet paint, plaster, or concrete
  • The seal has failed letting moisture into the air gap
  • The use of a low-grade sealant that has failed
  • Older units that have become significantly deteriorated

It’s clear from the information here that there are several potential causes of condensation forming in a sealed unit. While it may be temporary, it could mean the unit has failed and replacement is necessary.

Fixing Misting Issues In A Double Glazed Window

Handling condensation on the internal or external faces of your windows isn’t that difficult. The challenge comes when you notice this problem in your double glazed windows.

If you notice large amounts of moisture and water in the glazing, there’s a good chance the seal has failed. If you still have a valid guarantee for your glazing, be sure to contact the company that installed your windows for service. If the issue is a defective seal, the repair should be provided at no charge to you.

It’s not a good idea to try to handle the repair on your own. Not only will this likely make the situation worse, but it is going to invalidate any guarantees you have.

If you don’t have coverage for your windows, you have a few options:

  • Replace the faulty units
  • Have a repair company recondition the affected windows
  • Attempt a DIY repair (not recommended)

When you have double glazed windows installed, be sure that the company offers a guarantee or warranty for the services they provide. This ensures if issues arise, you can have them fixed without issues.

Protecting Your Double Glazed Windows

While there is no way to prevent misting in your double glazed windows, you can take steps to protect your investment. One of the first things you should do is to call for service from the professionals at the first sign of a problem.

To learn more, contact us. Our team can provide tips, advice, and repairs on your windows, ensuring they stay in good condition.