According to Certass’s most recent member survey, 96% of UK homeowners felt product quality was either extremely or very important. As you can infer, this means that almost all homeowners would rather pay more for top-notch products rather than save a few quid.

Are you interested in hearing more about the results of this survey? Then read on. We’ll discuss what Certass is and the other results of this member survey so you know what it means for you as a consumer.

What Is Certass?

Certass is a certification scheme or Competent Person Scheme (CPS) that’s UKAS-approved. This organisation checks both contractors and home improvement companies for competence.

How do they do this? Through set standards in the industry.

This certification scheme allows both contractors and companies to self-certify their work. This eliminates the inconvenience of either having to submit a building notice or using a local authority inspector for projects.

Members Survey

So you know that 96% of UK homeowners value product quality as the most important thing when it comes to home improvement services. But what else?

Well, apparently 94% felt finish of work was next important, and 91% felt courteousness was the third-most important factor.

What does the weight of these 3 factors mean? It means consumers are more than happy to turn from using large retailers and support smaller businesses instead.

The survey also indicated that window installers are starting to expand their services to better cater to their customers. 38% have taken on extension work and 34% have taken on roofing work.

This means that as time goes on, consumers will find more and more home improvement companies providing all-encompassing services. As a result, they won’t have to hop from contractor to contractor (or company to company). Instead, they can get all their home renovation needs taken care of by one entity, which will provide a world of difference in convenience for consumers.

Cosyhomes Windows Provides Quality Products

Chances are, you’re one of those British homeowners who’d rather pay a little more to get products that’ll withstand the tests of time.

Here at Cosyhomes Windows, we have always believed you get what you pay for so longevity and durability of a product is of utmost importance to us. Certainly, we may not offer the cheapest prices around when compared with other home improvement specialists but our work, reputation and product portfolio outstrips others.

In fact, we offer 10-year insurance-backed guarantee on PVCu and Aluminium windows, doors and conservatories, as well as a 10-year guarantee glass. That’s how much faith we have in not only our workmanship but also the quality of the products we offer you.

So the next time you do home renovations, keep Cosyhomes Windows in mind. We’re sure to have what you need, without you having to pay exorbitant prices.

Plus, our finish of work is fantastic and we’re always courteous! As far as the Certass member survey goes, we’ve hit the trifecta.

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