We’ve all been there – it’s a beautiful day and when looking out of your window you suddenly notice a scratch on the glass. Perhaps caused by a child’s toy being thrown against it accidentally, your pet’s claws, or a household item falling onto it.

It’s certainly a pain but most importantly, can it be removed? And if so, how?

In this article, we look at several effective methods to remove scratches from glass windows, the materials you may need, plus the importance of seeking professional advice when needed.

Where do glass scratches come from?

There are many reasons that your glass windows may become scratched – you might not actually find out what caused them. Most surface scratches can be worked on to be removed however, deeper scratches, cracks or damage mean that you will need glass replacement. If this is the case, we can work on this for you promptly, with a fast turnaround of 2 days if required.

Methods to remove scratches

Before you begin trying to remove any scratches on your windows, first gently clean the area with a soft cloth using soap and water.

Nail polish

Believe it or not, clear nail polish can work on repairing minor scratches on glass. Apply with the polish brush to the scratch. Once dry, use nail polish remover to get rid of any excess.

Scratch filler

Scratch filler kits can be purchased online. They usually include a glass polishing compound, tools, and instructions to carry out your repair.

Metal polish

Using a lint-free cloth, try rubbing some metal polish in a circular motion into the glass scratch. Wipe away any excess with a clean, damp cloth.

Cerium Oxide

Combining cerium oxide with water will create a paste that can be used on your glass repair. Using firm pressure, apply a small amount of the paste to the damaged area using the buffer extension on a drill. Rub back and forth and repeat if the scratch is not repaired on your first attempt. Once finished, clean and dry the area with a clean, damp cloth.

Expert help and advice

If you have tried one or many of the methods mentioned above on your glass surface, but aren’t having any luck, seek expert help and advice. We are experts in our field and are happy to help, advise, and assist in the repair or replacement of your damaged glass windows. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.