Replacing your double-glazed window units could be on your mind for several reasons. Perhaps you have noticed that there is misting or condensation between the glazed glass panels, which could be due to general wear of the sealed unit. Maybe you have noticed that there is a crack or damage to the double glazed glass unit which means that it will need replacing. All of these problems are easy to fix with professional assistance.

In order to replace your double glazed unit or glass, you will first need to take some measurements. Let us guide you through how to do this.

What Parts Of The Window Do You Need To Measure?

If your entire double-glazed window unit needs replacing, you will need to measure the:

  • width
  • height, and
  • thickness

Measuring The Width

When looking to replace the whole window unit, your width measurements will need to be taken from the outside of your house or building.

Using a measuring tape, begin by taking three width measurements at the top, middle, and bottom of the unit. These measurements should be taken from the jambs (the main vertical parts forming the sides of a window frame) of each window.

To ensure that you have accurate measurements, we would recommend taking each measurement twice. The smallest of these three measurements is the one that you will need to provide to your chosen window supplier.

Measuring The Height

The measurement of the height of your window can be taken from the inside. To take this measurement, start at the area of the window sill closest to the window and take your measuring tape up to the top of the window. As with the width measurement, measure in the top, middle, and bottom and double-check by doing this twice.
Again, the measurement that is important here is the smallest one.

Don’t Forget The Thickness

Measuring the thickness of the double-glazed unit should not be forgotten. This can be done by measuring the thickness of the opening from the exterior to the interior.

What If You Only Want To Replace The Glass?

Although double-glazed windows use toughened glass, they may on occasion need to be replaced. It may be that they were installed before thermally efficient glass, which can help you to cut your energy bills, was available. Or they may be damaged.

Whatever the reason, we can offer a hassle-free change-over of glass to the latest thermally efficient double or even triple glazed sealed unit. The measurements that you will need to take to replace the glass are:

  • width from the beading on each side of the uPVC frame
  • the height from the beading on the top and bottom of the frame

The ‘beading’ is the strip of timber, plastic, or aluminum at the edge of the windowpane that holds it in place within the frame.

Before you provide your window supplier with these measurements, you will need to deduct 10mm from each one.

If you don’t feel confident in taking these measurements, we are here to help. One of the experienced Cosyhomes Windows team can visit the property, take measurements and provide a free quotation. Submit an enquiry via our website or call 020 8397 4040.