These days, we’re blessed with things like double and triple glazing to give windows some more reinforcement. However, there’s always the chance that your window panes can suffer damage in some way or another. Whether it’s from a rogue object hitting your window, some terrible weather, or someone trying to break into your home; cracks and breaks can happen.

As such, the team here at Cosyhomes Windows offers an extensive repairs service that can replace glass in your sash windows. So, if you ever see cracks in your glass, then here’s our guide on how to replace glass in a sash window.

Act Instantly

Don’t waste time when you discover your window has been broken or cracked. If there’s broken glass on the floor, then you have to act quickly to prevent any accidents or injuries. The sooner you deal with the situation, the sooner you can remove all the harmful glass from your home.

When you identify the breakage, give us a call straight away on 020 8397 4040. We’ll organise for someone to come to your home and deal with the situation promptly!

Sweep Any Glass From The Floor

Never handle broken glass with your hands! The best way to deal with it is to sweep it up using a dustpan and brush.

Make sure everyone wears shoes at all times to prevent instances where they step on a small piece of glass, and it cuts their feet.

Don’t Try Any Repairs Yourself

If your glass is just cracked, then you may think about repairing it yourself. However, we don’t recommend this.

Even small cracks can turn into massive problems when they’re not carefully fixed. Leave this to a professional like Cosyhomes Windows and you will avoid further problems.

Protect Your Window While You Wait

As mentioned above, you shouldn’t attempt to fix a broken window by yourself. The chances are you’ll end up causing further damage, so leave things as they are. Instead, you can put some protective measures in place that keep your window safe while you wait for us to arrive.

You can use masking tape to hold any broken glass panes in place – this stops it from dropping to the ground and creating even more mess. It’s also a good idea to cover the window with a sheet of something – a newspaper will do. Again, this stops the glass from falling, but it also offers a bit of protection from the elements as well.

Do these things as you await our arrival, and make sure you don’t open or close the window too. Doing this will only cause more issues, and you will risk more glass breaking.

Call Us Today To Replace Your Broken Windows

As we mentioned earlier, you should call us as soon as your windows have suffered any damages. Our team is incredibly experienced in sealed glass units and the art of window repairs and replacements. We will replace broken window panes and repair any cracks that you have.

Call us immediately on 020 8397 4040 and one of our team members will guide you through the entire process. They’ll tell you what to do, then be on the scene as quickly as possible. We offer affordable rates, so get in touch with us today!