Your windows are often the first thing that people notice about your home. Therefore, it is no surprise that you will want to ensure that your windows are looking their best at all times. But, as with many features of your property, as time goes on they can deteriorate with age.

Here at Cosyhomes Windows, we have put together our top tips for making sure that your windows look their best. We look at the most common issues that come up with windows and show you how you can fix them.

Stuck Wooden Windows

If you have wooden windows, then you are likely to know that they can swell when the weather is wet and damp. If this means that you are struggling to open them, try rubbing some candle wax along the part of the window that is sticking. If that doesn’t work then you may want to consider planning away some of the wood; taking off enough wood that you can then paint the newly bare part of the frame.

Adjusting A Mortise-Plate

A poorly fitted mortise plate can mean that your window isn’t securely fastened. If this is the case, then you should consider removing the plate and refitting it properly. Doing this is simply a case of unscrewing the plate from the window frame before repositioning it and reattaching to ensure a snug fit.

Removing Glass

It can be incredibly dangerous to remove glass from your window. Therefore, it is important that you use the right tools and protect yourself fully. If in doubt, always call an expert. The older the glass, the more dangerous it can be when it breaks.

Protective gloves, work boots and goggles are vital when removing glass and you should always make sure that you clean the putty and fixings before you pop in a new pane of glass.

Removing Glazing Bead Trim

If your window is double glazed, then it is important that you remove the glazing bead carefully, especially if you will want to reuse it. The best way to do this is with a scraper blade, placed under the edge of the first bead. The bead can then be pried up, just so you can position a packer underneath. The packers then are moved outward, meaning that you can unclip the bead from the frame. This process can be repeated for all the beads on the window.

Contact The Experts

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