So, what is energy efficient glass? Energy efficient glass is the term that describes the modern double or even triple glazing used in many contemporary home designs. In fact, many homeowners are eager to replace their windows with energy efficient glass due to the wide list of benefits that it brings.

The new energy efficient glass offered in double and triple glazed sealed units includes coated low-emissivity glass. This prevents the loss of heat from a room, even in cold weather. The coating is completely invisible and does not impact the aesthetic of the window. Inside an energy efficient glass unit is Argon gas – an odourless, non-toxic gas that improves the insulation of the glass. As an added bonus, it will also increase sound-proofing of the window!

While energy efficient glass can be used in any room, it is particularly beneficial in areas where there is a large quantity of glass in doors or windows, such as a conservatory.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Energy Efficient Glass?

Trapping Heat

One of the greatest benefits of using energy efficient glass for windows is that it stops heat from leaving a room. As such, through the colder winter months, rooms are going to stay warm for a lot longer, even with the curtains open. This is certainly going to be beneficial to anyone who wants to keep things toasty later in the year.

Keeping Energy Usage Low

Another big benefit of energy efficient glass is that it will allow you to keep energy usage like heating low. Since heat is trapped inside the room, you won’t need to keep the heating on for as long or as often. In fact, you won’t even need to have the heating on the highest setting to keep a room warm because you will be losing a lot less heat from the windows. This is one of the reasons why heating usage in older homes without double or triple glazed sealed units tend to be so high. The heat is continuously escaping, forcing homeowners to turn the thermostat up to the max.

Saving Money

As well as keeping your home environmentally friendly, you’ll also find that energy efficient glass is key to keeping those home bills low. You’ll be amazed how much lower your energy bills are, particularly through the winter months. With energy efficient glass, you might be able to reduce your bills by upwards of fifty percent.

If you don’t already have energy efficient windows installed, then you should know you could also save money by replacing only the glass, if you’re still happy with your existing frames of course. So if you had new windows put in 5-10 years ago, but feel there’s nothing wrong with the frame units, you can change glass alone.

Quality Design And Completely Durable

Don’t you hate it when the seal in your glass breaks down and mists or condensates? If this happens, cold air is able to rush into the room – you can even feel it when holding your hand close to the glass. This is a clear sign your glass needs to be replaced. This is less likely to occur with energy efficient glass – the extra coating makes it extremely durable. Our glass supplier has been supplying our units for over ten years, and is well established and experienced in this area. They also produce units that have a higher specification of unit make up than most, ensuring maximum levels of quality.

Beyond Single And Standard Glazing

Finally, energy efficient glass is leaps and bounds beyond standard double and triple glazing, and single glazing. You’ll be amazed by the difference it makes to your home if you have been used to these inferior products. Once you have your windows or glass changed in your home using energy efficient glass from a company like Cosyhomes Windows, you will wonder why you didn’t replace them sooner and reap the massive benefits of doing so.