There are many reasons you might want to replace your windows and doors. From damage, the need to update, or switching to more energy-efficient windows. And although you may be hesitant due to the upheaval it might cause, with preparation, it can be hassle-free.

We’ve put together some tips on how to get ready – from measuring and ordering to clearing your driveway to allow for easy access, the process can be made easy. Read on to find out more.

Tips on how to get ready for a new window and door installation

Measure and Order the Correct Size

It may sound obvious but the first place to start is to measure your existing windows and doors. We’ve written a guide to show you how to do this here.

The measurements you need to take will be different, depending on whether you’re replacing the door and window frames or just the glass. This will also affect the window replacement costs and installation costs.

Once you have taken your measurements it’s time to order the correct size. We’re happy to help you with this and can do so over the phone.

Schedule Installation at the Right Time

Make the process easy on yourself and your family by scheduling the installation at a convenient time. We can work with you to arrange a time that doesn’t disrupt your routine too much. For safety, it’s best to keep any children or pets out of the way during the installation. The average installation is completed within one day.

Provide Easy Access to Windows and Doors

Make sure access to your home is easy for the installation technicians, with the areas around windows and doors clutter-free. Remove any delicate items, as well as electrical equipment and plants.

Remove Blinds and Curtains

Before any work can start, you will need to remove blinds and curtains from your windows and doors. Place them in an area away from where the work is being done until they can be put back up.

Move Furniture and Other Items near the Working Area

As well as removing delicate items, make sure to move any furniture well away from the working area. This is to make the area as easy to work in as possible and avoid damage to furniture.

Clear Your Driveway

Make sure that your driveway is clear and there is sufficient space for unloading and loading of doors and windows. This makes the job so much easier and quicker.

Shut off Alarm Systems during Installation

As installation technicians will be in and out of your home during the day, make sure to turn off your alarm system to minimise disturbance to your neighbours. Try to be at home or ask a family member or neighbour to be on hand for peace of mind.

Take care of your pets

Make sure you keep pets safe during the day of the installation. Doors will be open and installation technicians will be in and out throughout the day. Make plans for them to be in an area away from the work or with a friend for the day.

Use Dust Covers Where Necessary

The installation of new windows and doors can get dusty. We try to minimise mess as much as we can but advise using dust covers to reduce this.

Expert help and advice

We hope that you’ve found this article a useful overview of how to prepare for new window and door installations. For expert advice and any questions regarding this don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.