When you’re thinking of replacing the doors in your house, homeowners have a lot to consider. Depending on the style of your property, it can be a hard choice between uPVC doors and wooden doors.

In this article, we look at uPVC doors vs timber doors, taking into consideration thermal efficiency, which is more aesthetically pleasing, and how eco friendly each one is, to help you make a final decision.

Comparison Between uPVC Doors & Wooden Doors

An important thing to consider when changing your doors is the style of your property. Solid wood doors are better suited to more traditional properties. This is, of course, personal preference, but if you live in a listed building it’s unlikely you would be able to install a uPVC door.

If your current wooden door is in good condition and it is just the glass panes that need replacing, our article; How to replace a glass pane in a wooden door will help you tackle this issue.

A uPVC door is a popular choice over a wooden door in more modern properties, particularly a uPVC front door. If you’d like to consider other options for your home, there are many different styles available. We offer French, Patio, Residential, Bi-Fold, and Composite doors in a variety of finishes, designs, glazing options, and panels.

Durability and maintenance

A solid wood door is much more durable than cheap wooden doors and can withstand seasonal elements well. They can, however, be prone to warping over time and require more maintenance, depending on the material and thickness of the door and its frame. Rainwater can seep in and cause cracking if it is not properly maintained.

UPVC doors are also very durable and can withstand harsh weather. They are very low maintenance and their material means that it won’t warp over time, lasting for many decades.

Energy efficiency

UPVC is very energy efficient and thermally efficient, helping homeowners to save money on energy bills. Wood is also a good insulator and timber frames can offer good energy efficiency.

Security features for each

How secure a door is depends, not only on its materials but also on the quality of the lock and the frame. If treated properly and maintained, a wooden door can offer excellent security.

UPVC doors also offer excellent security and are widely used for front doors. All of our doors have multi-point locks, are steel reinforced, fully welded, and internally glazed. Being internally glazed with toughened glass reduces the risk of burglary, as the glass unit cannot be removed outside of the building.

Aesthetics and styles

Wooden front doors can look elegant and stylish. They can be styled to suit your preference, come in different colours and different styles, or you can paint them to suit your desired look, and wood is a natural product.

UPVC doors are more limited in terms of styles and colours however, they are very durable and also environmentally friendly.


Making a decision between timber doors vs uPVC doors come down to many factors. Including the style and age of your property, whether you are making a decision for an exterior door or interior door, and your preference in terms of door design.

We hope that this article gives you more of an insight into the different materials and for more advice, we’d be happy to talk you through the options that we have available. Get in touch for expert advice today.